CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Doctrine 202 – WCF

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Bible Doctrine 202 – WCF 

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 434

Course Description

The Westminster Assembly was convened by
the British Parliament in 1643 to produce the Longer and Shorter Catechisms. To
quote the Encyclopedia Americana, the Westminster Confession of Faith is
“the most widely influential Protestant theological formula in the
English-speaking world.”

One of the most pressing concerns of the
Reformers was that the articles of the “Protestant Faith” should be
passed on to the children of believers and new converts.  This took the form of short doctrinal
summaries such as the Westminster Confession of Faith. Using the Bible and a
commentary on the Westminster Shorter Catechism as the main text, students will
learn the classical outline of systematics in theology. A few of the main
headings are: the Doctrine of God, the Doctrine of the Person and Work of
Christ, and the Doctrine of the Application of the Work of Redemption.  “The Decree of God In Prophetic
” by D.O. “Oliver” Woods serves as an online supplement to the
Reformers sketchy development of Bible prophecy.

  • Tuition:              $275
  • Level:                 10th grade
  • Mode:              Asynchronous / Open Enrollment
  • Offered:           Spring
  • Textbook:         See above, Westminister Confession of Faith (provided online), Bible