CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Doctrine 203

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Bible Doctrine 203- Apologetics

Instructor:  Mr. Jesse Murch 
Phone: 434-426-8051

Course Description

Most Christians know how to share the gospel and their personal testimony, but what happens when our unbelieving friend asks a question?  Suddenly things get more complicated.  Apologetics deals with the Christian response to all such unbelieving questions.  

Rather than just pile on an endless stream of evidence that invites the skeptic to pass judgment on God, this course examines a strategy designed to undermine the unbeliever’s commitment to thinking independent of God’s revelation.    The textbook is Every Thought Captive by Richard L. Pratt Jr., and the supplemental text, Always Ready  by Greg L. Bahnsen.

  • Tuition:     $275 Premier   OR                    
  • Level:        11th grade                                
  • Mode:       Asynchronous                           
  • Offered:    Fall / Open enrollment            
  • Textbook: See above