CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Doctrine 201 – Psalms

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Bible Doctrine 201- Psalms

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 434

Course Description

This is a commentary on the book of Psalms — personal and political.  All Bible doctrines are in the Psalms:  God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Word of God, Man, Salvation, Church, Eschatology, Family and National Covenants.  Content and relation of the 5 Books of the Psalms is explored in terms of the Decree of God in history.  Text is Psalms of Joy  by D. O. Woods

  • Tuition:     $275 Premier   OR                    Tuition:       $25 Basic
  • Level:        9th grade                                  Level:         9th grade
  • Mode:       Asynchronous                           Mode:       Self-taught
  • Offered:    Fall / Open enrollment            Offered:      Open enrollment
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