CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Survey 201

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Bible Survey 201

Instructor: D.O. (Oliver) Woods 
Phone: 503-658-0385

Course Description

An overview of Bible content, it’s organization and
message. Students memorize the 66 books of the Bible and their primary themes.
Basic geography of the Old and New Testaments is covered, with key events
occurring at each location. Students also memorize Bible structure and outline,
basic Bible facts, and the story line of both Old and New Testaments. Basic
approaches to eschatology are presented. Emphasis is given to the central theme
of the atonement of Christ woven into the entire Bible. 

  • Tuition:    $275
    Premier   OR   Tuition:      $25 Basic
  • Mode:     
    Mode:      Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall 
         Offered:    Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: See above 
                 Textbook:  See above