CATEGORY: Natural Sciences

Biology 202

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Biology 1b 

Instructor:  Mr. Dave White  
Phone:   503-995-1231

Course Description

This course is built around the award winning Apologia science textbook “Exploring Creation with Biology.” It’s designed for the first year of high school, concurrent with  Algebra I.  The style is conversational, easy to read and understand. 
There are exercises and tests (with detailed solutions) and experiments suitable for the home.  Documentaries on BioContro issues — GMO, Geo-Engineering, Global Warming, Stem Cell Research, Vaccines, Epigenetics, Evolution, Abortion, and Nuclear
Radiation — are presented, with a term paper on one issue required.  Emphasis is on the incredible design features apparent throughout God’s Creation, including:  

  • Classification                                                    Cell structure & Function
  • The Definition of Life                                       Cellular Reproduction
  • Features of Organisms in Kingdom Monera    DNA
  • Features of Organisms in Kingdom Protista    Protein Synthesis
  • Features of Organisms in Kingdom Fungi       Cellular Respiration
  • Introduction to Biochemistry                           Genetics
  • Cell Structure and Function                              Kingdom Animalia
  • Cellular Reproduction                                      Kingdom Plantae

  • Tuition:      $275 Premier                      
  • Mode:        Asynchronous, Colloquium                                
  • Offered:     Spring, Open Enroll 
  • Level:         9th Gr Dialectic                                         
  • Text:           See above