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Great Books 202

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Course Overview

Great Books 202

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone:  434-941-1895

Course Description

Each of 6 Great Books courses analyzes about 16 classical authors (of total 100) and consists of two parts.   First is a thumbnail sketch of each author with review exercise and computer-graded quiz.  Second is Biblical analysis and class
discussion of 8 of the authors using a set of 10 thought questions as a reading and discussion guide. 

There are 2 “sweeps” through history, each covering 50 of the 100 total authors.   The first set of 50 sketches are in the e-book “Keys to the Classics, Vol. I.”  Short answers to the open-end questions are in a separate Teachers
.  The courses are omnibus, blending world history, philosophy, literature, and theology.  An optional textbook by Francis William Coker, “Readings In Political
” contains all the required readings for the first set of 50 authors.

Great Books 202, covers the Reformation and age of Revolution from Luther to Locke. The corruption of the Roman Catholic Church under the Medici popes was challenged by Martin Luther (1517) and the Protestant Reformation.  The Catholic Church responded
with the moral reforms of the Council of Trent, extending from 1545 to 1563.  Unfortunately, doctrinal errors were reinforced and the subversive Jesuit order was launched.  A wave of humanism was also sweeping Europe, with recovery of classical
documents and an explosion of artistic expression.  Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis is established in America.    ·    

  • Tuition:     $275 Premier 
  • Level:        8th grade  
  • Mode:       Aynchronous            
  • Offered:    Spring                          
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