CATEGORY: Natural Sciences

Medical Ethics

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

                                        Instructor:  Mr. Dave White
                                                         Phone:   503-995-1231

Course Description

Modern medicine is sick due to its departure from Biblical
principles of health and longevity.  It
has become a system for perpetuation of disease and management of symptoms and
death.  This is opposed to a Biblical system
of preventing disease and promoting life and health.  Conventional medicine is based on an evolutionary, mechanistic
model in which the various body systems are treated in isolation from each
other and from Biblical/Spiritual truth. 
It is a chemical based approach that focuses on relief of symptoms with little
or no awareness or concern for their underlying causes.

Yet in spite of this, modern medicine has been placed on a
cultural pedestal.  It holds a place of
awe, respect and reverence that borders on idolatry. With a few exceptions, there
is little correlation between this attitude of veneration for the modern
medicine man and his healing efficacy.  This
course examines the roots of this phenomena and the solutions in specific areas
of departure from Biblical  law: abortion,
birth control, euthanasia, psychiatry, infertility, organ transplant, patient
care and more.  The text is
Healing For Modern Medicine.”