CATEGORY: Dialectic

Worldview Lab 301 – Islamics

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Worldview Lab 301 – Islamics 

Instructor:  Pastor Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 434-352-2667

Course Description

This course examines Islamic history and culture from the
standpoint of sharing the gospel (good news) of Christ with Muslims. Students
learn to relate the love of Christ to Muslims with understanding of Muslim
culture. Emphasis is placed on the presuppositional approach to apologetics in
answering objections and addressing essential teachings of the Qr’an, using the text, “Muslims & Christians at the Table” (required purchase). 

learn the basic elements of the Christian gospel to include use of the law to
produce conviction of sin, the sacrificial death of Christ, repentance and
faith in Christ. Over 30 practical methods of evangelism are presented for use
in any culture.   Term project involves mailing 100 postcards to Muslim names, with follow-up phone invitation into an online Bible Study with student as mentor.  

  • Tuition:     $275 Premier   OR   Tuition:       $25 Basic
  • Grade:       9-12                         Grade:        9-12 
  • Mode:       Asynchronous          Mode:        Self-taught
  • Offered:    Spring                      Offered:      Fall or Spring
  • Textbook:  See above               Textbook:    See above