Course Category: Performing & Fine Arts

  • Art History 202 – Studio

    Art History 202- Studio Instructor:  Mrs. Jane Raymond  E-mail: Phone: 434-352-2667 Course Description Students practice and apply techniques learned in Art 201 under the tutelage of a professional artist. Subtleties of technique are explained. Student projects are mailed in weekly for email critique and returned at the end of term. Advanced techniques of color, light, shading, texture, […]

  • Music Appreciation 201

    Music Appreciation 201 Instructor:  D.O “Oliver” Woods  E-mail: Phone: 503-658-0385 Course Description As a foundation for music appreciation, a brief music history is presented in the form of 12 biographical sketches.   This includes development of musical styles over 5 periods:  Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern.  The influence of style is related to broader philosophical currents and […]

  • Art History 201 – Gallery

    Art History 201- Gallery  Instructor:  Mrs. Jane Raymond  E-mail: Phone: 434-352-2667 Course Description A knowledge of art is necessary to communication in the modern world. This course covers art principles and techniques from the point of view of the Medieval/Renaissance period. An overview of the history of prominent artists of the period is presented with reference to corresponding trends […]

  • Music Theory 202

    Music Theory 202 Instructor:  D.O “Oliver” Woods E-mail: Admin@KingsWayClassicalAcademy.comPhone: 503-658-0385 Course Description This course examines the historical development of music theory in the lives of the great musicians from ancient times to the present.  That encompasses six main musical periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern.   Over fifty influential composers are introduced:   their styles, musical forms (such as […]