Course Category: Rhetoric

  • Debate 401

    Debate 401  Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings E-mail:  somedaysomwhere@gmail.comPhone: 708-954-7121 Course Description In a very real sense debate studies are the culmination of the entire classical curriculum. They require the student to integrate a broad base of knowledge, with logic processes and rhetorical skills in such a manner as to defeat an opponent’s line of argumentation. In Debate I students […]

  • English Composition 20I

    English Composition 201  Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings E-mail:  somedaysomwhere@gmail.comPhone: 708-954-7121 Course Description Students learn and apply the principles of effective writing using Strunk & White’s classic Elements of Style. The art of writing is explored from basic building blocks through construction of effective sentences and paragraphs, matters of organization and form, and correction of common problems. Tuition:  $275 Mode:  Synchronous […]

  • Rhetoric 301

    Rhetoric 301 Instructor:  Prof Dave WhiteE-mail: research@cctruth.orgPhone: 503-608-7611 Course Description Rhetoric 301 covers history and principles of classical rhetoric and a brief review of logic.  Students learn the skill of determining best structure for spoken communication (speeches, debates, arguments) and of written works of all kinds, from the sentence level, to paragraphs, to entire books. The course stresses […]

  • Writing Readiness 101

    Writing Readiness 101 Instructor:  Eric Cummings E-mail: Somedaysomwhere@gmail.comPhone: 708-954-7121 Course Description For middle-school students or  Asean professionals looking to refine their written ESL, this course is the first step.  The Elements of Style by Strunk & White is an American classic.  Though small, it covers basic principles of clarity, vigor, usage, punctuation, parts-of-speech and structure. Addresses common abuses of words, phrases, punctuation, […]

  • Worldview Lab 401 – Practicum

    Worldview Lab 401 Instructor:  D.O “Oliver” Woods E-mail: Admin@KingsWayClassicalAcademy.comPhone: 503-658-0385 Course Description The goal of this course is to evaluate and integrate philosophies undergirding the history of America and the West, arriving at the student’s own comprehensive Biblical worldview. The student traces streams of thought arising in Western Civilization and their influence on the emergence of American culture and […]

  • Rhetoric 401

                              Rhetoric 401 Instructor:  Prof Dave WhiteE-mail: somedaysomwhere@gmail.comPhone: 708-954-7121                                 Course Description Rhetoric 401 covers the same ground as Rhetoric 1 in more depth.   The five canons of speech are reviewed, along […]