Course Category: Dialectic

  • Worldview Lab 301 – Islamics

    Worldview Lab 301 – Islamics  Instructor:  Pastor Paul Michael Raymond  E-mail: Phone: 434-352-2667 Course Description This course examines Islamic history and culture from the standpoint of sharing the gospel (good news) of Christ with Muslims. Students learn to relate the love of Christ to Muslims with understanding of Muslim culture. Emphasis is placed on the presuppositional approach […]

  • Logic 201 – Informal

    Logic 20I – Informal   Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings E-mail: somedaysomwhere@gmail.comPhone: 708-954-7121 Course Description Informal logic is logic in action in the real world — the messy, and sometimes convoluted, syllogisms of everyday speech and writing.  Rhyme & Reason (provided online) helps the student grapple with these challenges and avoid the danger of studying formal logic in isolation.  Instead of producing great […]

  • Logic 311

    Logic 311 – Formal   Instructor:  Daniel Lebowitz E-mail: dlebowitz22@gmal.comPhone: 541-292-8758 Course Description The second improvement introduced by the King’s Way Classical Academy logic sequence is also in the interest of turning logic into a tool that is practical for everyday use. Categorical and propositional logic (the usual topics of traditional logic at these grade levels) are primarily systems of […]