CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Survey 202 – Old Testament

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Bible Survey 202 – Old Testament 

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 434

Course Description

Building on the foundation of the preceding
Bible survey course, this class concentrates on the Old Testament story of
God’s choosing Israel as a nation of priests to draw all men and nations unto
himself.  Israel’s repeated failure
results in the divorce decree of 70 a. d. and God taking a new bride, the
church made up of both Jew and Gentile. 
Dr. Peter Leithart’s “A House For My Name”  provides the literary framework crucial to understanding the
many details of the Old Testament narrative. 
The text assists the student in gaining an appreciation and love for the
“sweep and beauty” of the Old Testament Scriptures. A further benefit
in this course is the emphasis on God’s law and the continuity of God’s
revelation to man in both testaments.

  • Tuition:      $275 Premier
  • Level:         11th Grade
  • Mode:       Asynchronous
  • Offered:     Fall / Open Enrollment
  • Textbook:  The Bible, “A
    House For My Name” by Peter Leithart