CATEGORY: Biblical Studies

Bible Survey 203 – New Testament

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Bible Survey 203 – New Testament 

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 434

Course Description

Building on the foundation of the Bible survey courses preceding, this class concentrates on the fulfillment of the promises and shadows that are found in the Old Testament as it reveals the Lord Jesus Christ. With Dr. J. Gresham Machen’s “The New Testament: An Introduction to its Literature and History” as the text, the student learns the glorious conclusion to the outworking of God’s covenant plan to redeem fallen mankind. From the birth of the Christ, His life, His death, His resurrection and ascension to His present reign at the right hand of the Father and finally, to the defeat of all Christ’s enemies at the resurrection, this course endeavors to encourage the student in the “Faith, once delivered to the saints.”

  • Tuition:      $275
  • Level:         11th Grade
  • Mode:        Asynchronous
  • Offered:     Spring / Open Enrollment
  • Textbook:  The Bible, “The New Testament” by J Gresham Machen