CATEGORY: Natural Sciences

General Science 201

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

General Science 201 

Instructor:  Mr. Dave White 
Phone:  503-995-1231

Course Description

This course is built around the award winning Apologia science textbook “Exploring Creation with General Science”. It’s a systematic introduction to science covering the following topics:  

  • The Scientific Method            Palenontology
  • Designing Experiments          Biology
  • Simple Machines                   Human Anatomy
  • Archaeology                          Human Physiology
  • Geology

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier           OR           Tuition:     $25 Basic
  • Grade:      7th                                           7th
  • Mode:      Instructor                                 Mode:      Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall                                           Offered:    Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: See above                               Textbook:  See above