Latin 102: Intro to Latin Grammar (Cont.)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Latin 102

Instructor:  Vegas Harmon 
Phone:  971-285-0056

Course Description

Latin 102 is the second semester of a full-year course in
Latin. It uses the Picta-Dicta Latin Primer series as a foundation. Latin
Primer comes with readings, workbook exercises, video lessons, and interactive
exercises on an app. The diverse and immersive approach is designed to instill
a love of the Latin language in students. In the second semester, students will
work through volume II of this series. Volume II covers close to 200 words,
additional uses of the five noun cases, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th declensions,
adjective matching, and passive verbs.

The class will meet twice a week for an hour-long video
meeting. During class time, students will discuss the exercises and examples
they have done in their workbooks with the instructor, and receive real-time
feedback. A system of tight feedback-loops leads to true improvement and
acquisition of skills. Students should not worry about getting everything
right. Rather, they should show their mistakes and incorporate the instructor’s
feedback. Specific examples from the workbooks or topics from the video lessons
may be used as talking points. Students will be encouraged to interact with
each other and the instructor when discussing.

Premium Level: 
For an additional fee of $160  students
will receive more rigorous training in the Latin language. Students who take
this route will get a 30-minute one-on-one video meeting with the instructor
each week. During these meetings, students will engage in oral composition
exercises in Latin. This is a chance to get direct and personalized feedback.
If the student wants more of a challenge still, there are options for
additional material. Please contact the instructor for more information. At the
end of the semester, there is an oral examination with the instructor over the
material in the advanced route.

  • Tuition:      $275 Premier  
  • Grade:        8th
  • Mode:        Instructor 
  • Offered:     Spring     
  • Textbook:  Picta-Dicta access lease