CATEGORY: Natural Sciences

Medical Praxis

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Course Overview

                               Medical Praxis

                           Instructor:   Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond 
                                                           Phone: 434-941-1895

                                                            Course Description

Normally when we think of Medical Practice the role of the physician or medical practitioner comes to mind.   The “patient” is cast in the role of a passive consumer of medical services, waiting “patiently” for a cure.   The physician proceeds to practice on the patient with medical experiment.  Approximately 200,000 of these experiments fail every year and the patient dies.  This is called “iatrogenic” or physician caused fatality, the third leading cause of death in the United States.

By way of contrast, this course assigns to the “patient” a far more active role in his own healing or preventative care protocol.  Who after all cares more about the well-being of the patient than the patient himself.  The word “Praxis” in the course title means quite literally – practice.  The heart of the course is the 60-Day Longevity Challenge, focusing on building in the “Basic-8” habits that contribute most to human health and longevity.  The Basic-8 are arranged on 4-axis:  Food-Water, Exercise-Rest, Stress-Energy, and Weight Management-Detoxification.   For students not oriented to a science career, this course may substitute for a semester of Chemistery.  The very latest advances in life-extension theory are discussed in the text, Principles and Practices of Human Health and Longevity — The State of the Art, January 1, 2020.

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  • Level:        10th Grade   
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