CATEGORY: Natural Sciences

Physics 202

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Physics 202

Instructor:  Professor Dave White

Course Description

This course is built around the award winning Apologia science textbook “Exploring Creation with Physics”.  The student needs to understand the sin, cos, and tangent functions and their inverses. These are covered in Saxon’s Algebra II, or the :”trigonometry” course in most other math series.  Chemistry is also prerequisite to Physics, the toughest science.  The course discusses the following topics:

  • Units                                                     Periodic Motion
  • Measurement                                       Waves
  • One-Dimensional Motion                      Optics
  • Momentum                                           Electriostatics
  • Newton’s Laws and their Application    Electrodynamics
  • Gravity                                                 Electrical Circuits
  • Work and Energy                                 Magnetism
  • Two-Dimensional Motion 
  • Tuition:    $275 Premier           
  • Mode:      Asynchronous                     
  • Offered:   Spring                               
  • Textbook: See above