CATEGORY: Rhetoric

Rhetoric 401

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

                          Rhetoric 401

Instructor:  Prof Dave White
Phone: 708-954-7121

                                Course Description

Rhetoric 401 covers the same ground as Rhetoric 1 in more depth.   The five canons of speech are reviewed, along with the 3 categories of proof: logos, ethos, and pathos.  The relation of logos to basic principles of formal and informal logic is discussed in depth.  In like manner, the impact of poetry, metaphor, and the rhythm of words on ethos, pathos, and elocution are analyzed. 

In addition to the course textbook, “The Rhetoric Companion,” by N.D. Wilson & Douglas Wilson there are readings in the Loeb editions of Aristotle’s “Rhetoric,” “Rhetorica Ad Herennium,”  and Quintilian’s “Institutio Oratia.”  Several of the greatest recorded speeches in world history are analyzed for their effectiveness.

  • Tuition:             $275
  • Level:                10th Grade
  • Mode:               Synchronous
  • Offered:            Spring
  • Textbook:          Bold-faced textbooks above