CATEGORY: Rhetoric

Worldview Lab 401 – Practicum

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Worldview Lab 401

Instructor:  D.O “Oliver” Woods 
Phone: 503-658-0385

Course Description

The goal of this course is to evaluate and integrate philosophies undergirding the history of America and the West, arriving at the student’s own comprehensive Biblical worldview. The student traces streams of thought arising in Western Civilization and their influence on the emergence of American culture and the American constitutional settlement. The course summarizes and integrates Great Books courses from previous years.

This course is generally taken in the Senior year, following completion of the Great Books sequence and concurrent with the debate course. Students participate in weekly seminar interaction centered on discussion questions from “Discipling the Nations” and “Discipling Your Nation” (online). Participation in two debates, one online, and one in the local community is required. In addition the student explores his own role in Christ’s Great Commission via a community practicum (where possible with a team of fellow students), with evaluation by a community mentor.

  • Tuition:       $275 Premier
  • Mode:         Asynchronous
  • Offered:      Spring
  • Textbook:    Discipling Your Nation (digital) and Developing a Biblical Worldview by Dan Smithwick